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Beginners Pack - $25

Start your Chinese tea adventure with three fantastic teas - Iron Buddha, a green and milky oolong tea; Jasmine Pearls, a stunning Jasmine scented green tea; The Big Red, a rich and dark roasted tea great for those who like a bite to their brew.

2007 'Old Iron' Aged Oolong by Su Wei Bo

Aged for seven years, this Anxi oolong has been gently roasted over charcoal each year. It has a strong 'honey' fragrance and long lasting peach and coconut aftertaste, mixing the best elements of green and red oolongs.

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2014 Dragonwell by Chen Jian Jie

The classic green tea from Hangzhou, this pre-Qing Ming festival tea has a sweet, grassy fragrance and a naturally green liquid.

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2014 Phoenix Dan Cong by Mr Huang

With a light yet heady aroma and deep citrus tones, this Dan Cong Oolong tea from Wu Dong Mountain is an incredible addition to your teapot.

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2014 Tai Ping Monkey King by Fu Tai Yuan

Hailing from the foothills of Huang Shan's eternally misty peaks, Tai Ping Monkey King is one of China's most distinct green teas.

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