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Fine Chinese teas, direct from farms in China - find out more »

About Min River Tea

We sell exceptional quality Chinese teas and teaware. We carefully source our teas directly from local farms near our home in China, offering taste, quality and prices unrivalled anywhere else.

Chris moved to Fuzhou in 2007 and has made the "tea capital of China" his home. He founded Min River Tea in 2010.

Raphael has lived in two great tea growing areas in China (Sichuan and Fuzhou) and joined Min River Tea in 2012.

Francesca is a long-time Italian tea enthusiast living in Amsterdam. She blogs independently about tea (here) and runs Min River Tea Italy.

Direct from the farm

We're incredibly passionate about quality - we won't accept anything less than direct from the farm. All of our teas come straight from farms that we know and trust, and we never use middlemen, wholesalers or trading companies to supply our teas (unlike most of our competitors). We believe you can taste the difference.

Quality and standards

Above all, we insist on our teas being exceptional quality and safe. All of our Chinese teas are made using traditional methods, are manually picked and produced and meet the stringent EU/US standards for chemical safety and pesticides. Because of our "direct from the farm" sourcing policy, we're able to maintain strict control over the quality of our teas.