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Buy tea direct from the mountains of Fujian, China and we'll deliver it direct to your door, quickly and reliably.

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Min River Tea Farm co-founder hugging a tea tree on Wuyi Mountain

We hug the trees, you drink good teas

We're the only independent UK tea company actually based in China. It means we can spend more time finding great teas (and hugging more tea trees!), and you can spend more time relaxing with a great cup of tea.

A friend of mine recommended I try some of the Jasmine tea, and now I'm hooked - its not too expensive, it arrived quickly and there's easy to follow brewing instructions on the site. Thanks Chris!
Simon Forrester

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Refreshing and hydrating in the summer, this is the classic pure and clean green Chinese tea. It's also low in caffeine and light, perfect for your healthy lifestyle.

Iron Buddha

A clean, crisp and green oolong tea

A great morning drink, this red, smokey oolong from the mountains of southern China is perfect for people who like a bit of edge to their brew.

The Big Red

An earthy and honest red oolong tea

A great gift or treat for yourself, this delicious jasmine scented green tea is delicate and clear. Simply the smell of the leaves is enough to set your sense on fire.

Jasmine Pearls

A fragrant and bright scented green tea

Start on your Chinese tea journey with a simple starter pack - it contains delicious tasters of our Iron Buddha, Big Red and Jasmine Pearls teas.

Sampler Pack

A starter pack of three Chinese teas

A pinewood smoked red tea direct from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian. Also known as zhēng shān xiǎo zhǒng, it has a delicious aroma and soft, relaxing taste perfect in the mornings.

Lapsang souchong

Pine smoked Chinese red tea

Old Iron is a charcoal roasted Tie Guan Yin oolong tea. Halfway between a green and fully roasted oolong tea, it offers a unique and clean taste.

Old Iron

Charcoal roasted oolong tea.

Jin Jun Mei is a fruity, fragrant red tea from the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian. It has a sweet, plummy, full bodied taste, and is a fantastically sophisticated treat for any tea lover.

Jin Jun Mei

Sweet, fruity Chinese red tea.