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2013 Jasmine Tea Tour

« back to blog home | 02 Sep 2013 | Comments | By Chris West

Last weekend, we took a small group of friends guests on an exclusive tour of Fuzhou's Jasmine tea industry, from the beautiful Jasmine flower fields of south Fuzhou through to a guided tour of the historic 'embassy district' founded around the tea trade.

We had a mixture of guests, including a few Chinese tea industry insiders and foreign expats in Fuzhou who were simply interested in Fuzhou's local produce. The itinerary started off at Cheng Men where we looked around one of Fuzhou's last remaining Jasmine flower fields in the shadow of 'Five Tiger Mountain'. After that, we took a walk around the old embassy district where a local historian introduced some of the old buildings and their relevance to the tea trade in Fuzhou. He'd made a fantastic old map of the area, and said to finish it he had to resort to climbing over fences and sneaking into abandoned churches!

Finally we saw tea making in the evening. Jasmine tea making is pretty time-consuming, and involves mixing flowers and tea together over many separate occasions. We had bad weather unfortunately (which means bad flowers, and only lower quality tea being made) but it was still a great chance for some of our guests to see exactly how this great tea is made.

We've put photos of the tour on our Facebook page so be sure to take a look - and if you're in Fuzhou, just get in touch and we'll do our best to show you around!

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