On set with the CCTV camera crew in Fuzhou!

23 Aug 2012 | 0 comments

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be on set to watch the Chinese national TV station camera crew filming a new lengthy series about tea here in Fuzhou!

Filming tea Master Chen (wearing the white T-shirt on the left) in Fuzhou, August 2012

The series will take about 2 years in total to film and is a deep exploration into tea culture around the globe. This time the crew were filming the top Jasmine tea maker in Fuzhou, Master Chen - it was just a few minutes away from my home, so I popped along to watch!

I'll write a more detailed blog about how Jasmine tea is made later (remember to signup for email updates on the right!) - because the tea relies on using fresh Jasmine flowers, which start blooming in July, it's one of the only teas produced in the summer months.

Keep checking our blog around March next year and I'll post a link so you can watch the show online!

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