What were you doing 1 year ago?

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It's our birthday on 1 March 2012, so we're celebrating with a little competition for our customers and readers - what were you doing last year?

Just leave a comment below telling us what you were doing a year ago, and we'll enter you for the competition to win a gorgeous glass teapot and two of your favourite teas - we'll announce the winner on the 8th March 2012.

Almost exactly a year ago we had just sold our first bag of tea - it was a 250g bag of Jasmine Pearls, and the lucky customer was an old friend, Peter. Since then we've had some great moments - sending our first teas to France, Poland, Norway, Australia, USA and Canada, getting our first tea review, getting tea-drunk too many times to mention, and observing the tea harvest at one of Wuyi Shan's oldest tea farms, to name a few - but what we really want to know is: What were you doing a year ago?

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Peter Bengtsson said... (Mon 20 Feb 2012)

Still training kung fu.

Dmytro Antypov said... (Tue 21 Feb 2012)

Congrats on the first of many milestones to come! Exactly a year ago I was freezing and saying to myself that I would never complain about 40 °C summers again LOL

Renan said... (Wed 22 Feb 2012)

A year ago, I was working very hard and saying I will stop smoking and a year later I am still working very hard and still smoking.. Maybe one good thing is that I am drinking less coffee and more tea... Good job Chris! I really enjoy the Iron Buddha.

Jesse said... (Thu 23 Feb 2012)

Hey Chris - congratulations! Hmm, last year I think I was still in London, seems like a long time ago. All the best for the next year.

Xavier said... (Fri 24 Feb 2012)

One year ago? I was drinking tea just like now. :D

Jackie said... (Fri 24 Feb 2012)

A year ago I dreamt that an Englishman named Chris opened an online tea store in China. He called it "Egyptian Reproduction God River Tea." I did think it was an unusual name. I can only think that you starting up Min River Tea at the same time was no coincidence and proves dreams can indeed come true. Also, I can't help wondering if the Chinese knew about this Egyptian and his - uhm - well qualities? I bet they did. Happy birthday, may your tea store prove as fertile as Min.

Agnes said... (Fri 24 Feb 2012)

A year ago I was still adjusting to have been proposed to a couple of months before:) Also heard you started this business and thought I would give your tea a try and I love the Jasmine Pearls tea! Since then I even managed to spread the word (and the tea) as far as South Africa where you now have another huge fan :) Happy birthday, Min River Tea, and many happy returns!

Michelle said... (Thu 01 Mar 2012)

Last year I was 3 months into my first/current "real" job and still hadn't dragged half my tea setup to work yet. 1 year is a big milestone, congrats!

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