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Chris West

I'm the founder of Min RIver Tea, a massive fan of all things Chinese, a part-time martial arts enthusiast, and full-time father! I've lived in China for over 6 years, and have been actively learning about tea for most of them.

I started Min River Tea in 2010 after living in China studying Chinese at one of the country's best tea science universities (Fujian Agriculture University). Tea here is a way of life, part of the day-to-day fabric, and living in a city like Fuzhou, it's kind of unavoidable. Without knowing it, I'd already started to distinguish my Tie Guan Yin's from my Yan Cha's long before it became my livelihood.

My approach to tea is straightforward and direct - I love the magic of a simple cup of Chinese tea shared with friends, and want to be able to provide tea lovers with exceptional quality, professional service and authenticity.