Long Jing (Dragonwell) Green Tea 龙井

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Every spring, tea lovers go weak at the knees for Long Jing tea. Why? Because it represents a fresh, natural taste that many see as the peak of Chinese tea culture. The leaves are pressed into flat, green dagger shapes and dried. Once brewed they open up revealing soft and delicate tea shoots and a fragrance reminscent of cut-grass on a summers day.

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“Yes! I'd spent a long time trying various green teas in teabags, and never really understood the appeal. This tea is a bit more than I'd usually spend, but I haven't regretted it at all. It tastes fantastic, the leaves are beautiful to look at, and brewing a pot is a real treat now.”

This is what Fiona Harcourt said after trying our 2014 Dragonwell by Chen Jian Jie

Pre-Qing Ming tea

Long Jing tea is defined by when it's picked. Our tea is picked before the traditional Qing Ming festival in early April. Teas picked before Qing Ming tend to be sweeter, lighter and purer tasting than those picked after. When the time is right, farmers work through the night to pick and process the teas before the festival passes.

Picking the leaves

Tea pickers are skilled workers, and farms like Master Chen Jian Jie's insist on high standards. Leaves must be young and tender shoots, usually consisting of a single fresh shoot wrapped up in a young leaf. The leaves can't be damaged when being picked, or they will lose their flavour.

Sorting and processing

All of our Long Jing tea is sorted and processed by hand - this means painstaking manual sorting of the delicate young tea shoots from any stems or older leaves that find their way into the batch. The result is a brew of 100% young leaves - softer, sweeter and tastier than anything you've tried before.

Tea farm and location

Our Long Jing tea is grown and processed by Chen Jian Jie, one of the top ten tea growers in Zhu Ji City, Hangzhou, the traditional home of Long Jing tea. His farm is located just outside the famous West Lake area, where farms and producers are fast building a reputation for their authentic and excellent teas.

How to brew your Long Jing

Long Jing can be brewed in a tea pot, but like many green teas, it's best brewed in a tall glass. The leaves will initially float at the top of the glass, but will sink when it's ready to drink. Use off-the-boil water (85 degrees celsius) and about 4-5g. When you're finished, just top up the glass with fresh water - you can rebrew 3-4 times this way.


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