Long Jing Green Tea 龙井

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Every spring, tea lovers go weak at the knees for Long Jing tea. Why? Because it represents a fresh, natural taste that many see as the peak of Chinese tea culture.

The leaves are pressed into flat, green dagger shapes and dried. Once brewed they open up revealing soft and delicate tea shoots and a fragrance reminscent of cut-grass on a summers day.

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Grown in Zhu Ji City, Hangzhou (诸暨市), the farmer Mr. Chen was placed in the top 10 the last 2 years running in the Annual Zhu Ji City Tea Festival

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Long Jing tea (龙井茶, also called Dragon Well in the West) is one of China's most famous teas. Traditionally grown in Hangzhou in Zhe Jiang Province, in recent years tea aficionados and speculators have pushed prices up to record levels, sometimes paying in excess of £18,000 a half kilo for the first flushes!

Our Long Jing tea is grown and processed by one of the top ten tea growers in Zhu Ji City, Hangzhou, and was picked pre-Ming Qing, April 2012.

Tasting notes

Long Jing is made with the soft tea shoots, so you need to treat it delicately. Use approx. 80 degree water (leave the kettle to sit for 2 minutes before pouring) and you don't need too much tea; around 3g (a medium pinch) will do. Often the 3rd brew is the best, so remember to rebrew your leaves!

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