2014 Tai Ping Monkey King by Fu Tai Yuan

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Hailing from the foothills of Huang Shan's eternally misty peaks, Tai Ping Monkey King is one of China's most distinct green teas. The mellow and refreshing Monkey King is processed from a special cultivar prized for its large leaves. Its leaves are individually flattened resulting in the typical often finger-long blades featuring a beautifully deep green colour.

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“This tea is great because of its natural grass-like taste ;-) And it immediately draws attention due to its interesting look when you show your tea collection at home to guests.”

This is what Jochen Bartl said after trying our 2014 Tai Ping Monkey King by Fu Tai Yuan

The leaves and processing

The leaves of the Monkey King are nothing like those of other green teas. They grow from the unique shi da (柿大) cultivar and are individually placed between two meshes and then flattened. Two leaves, marked by their length, often up to 6 centimeters, are pressed together with one slightly downy bud. This brings about the leaves' particular appearance, sometimes referred to as "two knives and one pole".


Like many green teas, Tai Ping Monkey King is great brewed in a tall glass. Put a small amount of leaves in the cup (maybe 3-5g depending on the cup size) and add off-the-boil water (around 85 degrees celsius). When the it's finished, just top up the glass with fresh water - you can rebrew about 4-5 times.

Farm location

Our Tai Ping Monkey King is harvested by tea master Zhang Man Jiang in mid-April (around the 20th) in Taiping County. Located at the foot of the mystical Huang Shan mountains, the mixture of cold winter and warm summer (and lots of rain!) is ideal for growing tea.


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