How to brew Iron Buddha

Iron Buddha is a semi-oxidised green oolong tea - it loves hot (but not boiling) water and short steeps. 90 degrees and 1 minute steeping is all you need for this subtle green oolong.

As the leaves infuse, they'll unfold from their rolled shape, revealing large and full leaves. A good Iron Buddha will have a strong, deep green colour, which will fade the more times you brew it.

The Iron Buddha aroma is a unique buttery smell, rich and yet also slightly elusive. The liquor should have a thin, crystal green colour.

Use a big three finger pinch of tea leaves per person. Although you're free to brew this tea in a teapot or directly in your cup, if you have access to the traditional Chinese brewing equipment (gai wan etc.) then it will reward you.

An experts tip for this tea - many green teas are supposed to have a light taste, but if you like it strong, use slightly more tea leaves, and a much shorter brewing time. Don't brew for longer - you'll just get a more bitter and tannic taste.