How to brew Jin Jun Mei

Jin Jun Mei is a very high quality roasted red tea - slightly off-the-boil water and a short steep time (1-2 minutes) will be perfect.

Jin Jun Mei is made using only young tea shoots (typically a pair of 2 young shoots together). The dry leaves will appear thin and wiry - in fact, the smaller the leaves, normally the better quality the tea.

The overall aroma has 'forest' themes. It's woody, and yet carries a strong natural sweetness as well - plums, red dates and hazel. The liquor will be slightly syrupy, with a deep auburn colour.

A tea this fine should really be brewed in a traditional gai wan but it will also do fine in a teapot or mug. Take a big 3-finger pinch per person, and remember to rebrew the leaves 3-4 times.

Our expert tip for this tea - it's actually a fairly dusty tea, so if you have the time, wash the leaves first. Just pour a small amount of hot water over the leaves, swill and then drain the liquid to get rid of the tea dust.