How to brew Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang souchong (zheng shan xiao zhong) is a black tea, and so you can get stuck straight in with boiling water - 1-2 minutes steep is all you'll need.

You'll need a big 3-finger pinch of tea per person, and feel free to brew this tea in a teapot or in your cup.

A good Lapsang has thin, rolled dry leaves which appear brittle. When wet, they will unfurl slightly, revealing a muddy-red colour and smooth texture. The aroma is most commonly described as 'campfire' and/or 'bonfire' - although you'll smell the traditional smokey pinewood, you should also pick up some natural plum and berry notes as well.

Lapsang is pretty flexible when it comes to temperature - use boiling water if you like that hard smokey edge, or ease off and use 80-90 degree water if you prefer the fruity undertones. Rebrew 3-4 times at least.