Jasmine tea

Crafted lovingly in and around our home of Fuzhou each of our Jasmine teas uses exceptional tea leaves infused with the highest quality jasmine blooms to produce a fragrance we know you will love.

Jasmine Red

A unique Jasmine tea that uses red tea rather than green tea as a base - we're the only tea retailer selling this incredible tasting tea!

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Jasmine Pearls

Delicious Jasmine scented green tea - the unbelievably fragrant hand-rolled tea leaves, infused using natural Jasmine flowers, are the perfect treat for you or a friend.

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Jasmine Oolong

A rare Jasmine scented Iron Buddha oolong tea. Made by infusing a fine quality green Iron Buddha tea with fresh Jasmine flowers, this tea is rarely seen in China and is highly prized by Fuzhou tea makers.

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2014 Jasmine White by Lao Fu

Known as the 'King of Jasmine Tea' by local tea makers, this tea uses the same high quality tea leaf shoots as Silver Needle, which are then infused with the scent of fresh Jasmine Flowers. A naturally sweet and balanced taste.

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