Red Jasmine Tea 茉莉红茶


Red Jasmine is a tea taste revolution - the deep, earthy tones of red tea combined with a sweet Jasmine fragrance. Traditionally, only green tea leaves could hold the delicate Jasmine flower fragrance - until now. Red Jasmine Tea is made using a recently discovered method, and is one of the 'holy grails' of tea-tasting. We're proud to be the first UK company to sell this incredible tea, and it's our new favourite brew!

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“It's unusual to see a scented black tea, especially a jasmine one with leaves that are this level of quality. The base black tea was earthy with fruity notes that went really well with the sweet floral aroma.”

This is what Nicole Martin said after trying our Jasmine Red

Key information

Produced tea and flowers both grown in Fu An (福安), Ning De,
Farmer Lao Fu (read more)
Harvested Tea harvested in May 2013, infused with flowers between July - September 2013. Read more about how Jasmine tea is made.
Natural 100% natural Jasmine fragrance (no perfumes, no chemical flavourings, only fresh Jasmine flower infusion)
Storage Store sealed, cool, dry and away from strong smells. Stays fresh for 6-12 months.

Picking the flowers

Jasmine flowers love heat and humidity, and grow in the low, sub-tropical valleys in and around Fuzhou. In the hottest period of the year (July-October) the flowers open and release their scent in the late afternoons, normally the hottest period of the day. It's gruelling work for the pickers.

Manually sorting the best buds

The flowers are manually sorted, removing unopened buds and ones that have alreaedy started to wilt. For the fragrance to be transferred to the tea, the teamaker is looking for bugs which have just opened - as they are mixed with the tea, they will continue to open and release their flavour.

Infusing the flowers

Infusing the delicate Jasmine taste with the tea is a simple, but slow and painstaking process. Up to nine or ten times, fresh flowers are manually mixed with dried tea and left to transfer their flavour. Afterwards, the tea and flowers are sorted by hand, the flowers thrown away, and the tea dried again ready to be infused again the next day.

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