Milk and sugar

A big question for many new drinkers of Chinese tea is - "can I add milk and sugar?!"


You can add milk to your Chinese tea, although it's not recommended. Typically, Chinese tea has a lighter flavour than 'builders tea' and so milk will almost totally overwhelm that taste. But if you really want to, add just a drop or two to a small cup (literally one or two drops of milk) and you'll still be able to appreciate the blend of tastes.


Sugar can be added to Chinese teas, and in fact helps to make it more palatable and appealing to people with a sweet tooth as well as younger drinkers. If you're looking to wean yourself or your kids away from fizzy soft drinks, this is a great solution.

Normally, green teas don't take sugar as well as red teas, so if you enjoy a sweeter brew, then you might want to try our Jin Jun Mei (which has a naturally sweeter edge) with a drop of sugar.

We'd also encourage you to use rock sugar, or any unrefined sugar. Many of us drink Chinese tea for health reasons, so adding refined white sugar is counteractive to this.

The traditional way

If you're looking to drink Chinese tea the traditional way in China, then you should never add milk or sugar to any tea. In China, adding any flavours to your brew obscures the original taste of the tea, and if you're drinking an expensive and delicate leaf, then it is equivalent to mixing a Chateau Lafitte with lemonade!