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Buddha's Hand Oolong 佛手茶

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Buddha's Hand is a green oolong tea grown in Yong Chun county, the birthplace of White Crane kung fu! It's a great tea, so harness your chi and order quickly!

This tea has a superb rich, buttery taste, and also has the highest tannin content of any oolong tea. We tend to associate tannins with the dry bitterness of cheaper teas, but in high-grade teas like this it actually lends a fuller and stronger taste without any of the dryness.

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  • Great tea Very good indeed. I can fully recommend Min River Tea
    Tim Faunce-Brown

This tea is grown in Yong Chun county, Fujian Province. Yong Chun is only a few miles away from Anxi County, where Iron Buddha is produced. The terroir is very similar, but slight differences in elevation, soil and processing methods produce a noticeably stronger, fuller and richer taste in Buddha's Hand. The tea is so-called because of the large, wide leaves, which resemble the palm of a Buddha.

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