2007 'Old Iron' Aged Oolong by Su Wei Bo

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This Anxi oolong produced by tea master Su Wei Bo has been gently charcoal roasted each year for seven years. It has developed a strong 'honey' fragrance and long lasting peach and coconut aftertaste, mixing the best elements of green and red oolongs. Think fine blended Irish whiskey and you're halfway there. Often overshadowed by its more famous cousins, this is still one of our favourite brews to date and a great everyday drink.

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“Great tea Very good indeed. I can fully recommend Min River Tea”

This is what Tim Faunce-Brown said after trying our 2007 'Old Iron' Aged Oolong by Su Wei Bo

Key information

Produced GanDe (感德), Anxi County, Fujian.
Farmer Su Wei Bo (read more)
Harvested October 2007, re-roasted once annually
Altitude Grown at over 900m
Storage Store sealed, cool, dry and away from strong smells, ideally refridgerated. Stays fresh for approx 12 months.

Brewing and tasting

We recommend just off the boil water (95 degrees C) and around 7g tea to 100ml of water. This vintage Old Iron is a medium roast that has an accentuated mi xiang flavour (蜜香, "honey fragrance") so you'll be able to pick out a distinct sweet aroma and long-lasting peach and coconut aftertaste. Check out our detailed tasting notes for this tea »

Picking and processing

Old Iron starts life as a normal Iron Buddha tea, which is picked in the first week of May, usually at the same time as the Labour Day holidays. Pickers start before the sun comes up, and the leaves are immediately spread out in bamboo baskets to oxidise for up to 18 hours. Oxidisation is the key to the distinct oolong taste, and the length of oxidisation is what gives Iron Buddha its complex and heady aroma. After it is processed normally, the tea is gently roasted over charcoals for 3-4 hours to become an 'Old' Iron Buddha tea.

Bruising and shaping

After oxidisation, Iron Buddha is shaped and processed in a highly unique way. It's wrapped tightly in cotton cloth until each 'tea ball' is as hard as a brick. Then it is rolled through a set of metal rollers to give the leaves their unique shape, and then opened out and 'bruised' by literally smashing it against the floor!


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