2014 Phoenix Dan Cong by Mr Huang

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Mr Huang's Phoenix Dan Cong, produced in May 2014, is spicy, wild and has an incredibly vibrant and peppery aroma that literally blew us away with its complexity and depth. It has won him Best in Category two years running at the International Tea Fair in Hong Kong. Hailing from the Da Zhi Mountain in the Feng Huang (凤凰, "Phoenix") range, this tea is produced in a traditional way and has earned the farm the new "Green Product" certification.

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“This is my first expedition into red tea and so far I love it. I am personally not noticing a very strong citrus flavour but the hints are there. It is quite smooth and delicious.”

This is what Alex Gordon said after trying our 2014 Phoenix Dan Cong by Mr Huang

Key information

Produced Da Zhi Mountain, Feng Huang (凤凰), Guangdong.
Farmer Huang Xian Sheng
Harvested 11 May 2014 (bi-annual harvest, May/Oct)
Altitude Grown at 600m
Storage Store sealed, cool, dry and away from strong smells, ideally refridgerated. Stays fresh for 12-18 months.

Mr. Huang's Phoenix Dancong

Our Phoenix Dan Cong is produced by Mr Huang, a farmer with a vision that embraces both his traditional roots and a contemporary approach to quality control and standards. He founded his farm in 2008, but already his success is enviable: voted Best In Category two years running at the International Tea Fair in Hong Kong, his teas have also won awards in Macao and on the mainland.

Huang's tea garden is located at an altitude of 600m on Dazhi mountain, which belongs to the Fenghuang mountain range. The plantation spans a total area of 1000 mu. He produces tea only from their own gardens and the focus on high quality standards during cultivation and production has earned him an export licence and "Green Product" certification.

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