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The Big Red Oolong Tea 大红袍

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Rich, red and full-bodied, The Big Red (da hong pao) is the ideal tea if you like a bit of bite to your brew.

It's grown in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian, and is an Oolong tea with a natural smokey taste and hints of cinnamon. It's great first thing in the morning, and is one of our most popular teas.

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  • I'm not really a big tea drinker, but I am quite happy with this tea. It arrived quickly, it was packaged well, and now my regular morning coffee has been replaced with a big cup of the Big Red!
    Alice Coombes

The Big Red is grown in the Wuyi Shan (Wuyi mountain) area of the Fujian Province. It's a member of the 'oolong' tea family (wu long) like one of our other teas, Iron Buddha.

The Big Red has a complicated history - the original tea plant is under strict guard and is a national treasure in China. It yields only about 250g a year, and is reserved for high politicians or state visitors (the Queen reportedly got a cup when she visited China in 1986!). Luckily for us, enterprising thieves many years ago stole shoots from the plant and now The Big Red is cultivated across the Fujian province.

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