Other uses for tea

Tea is an incredibly versatile plant, and whether you drink it, or put it in your food, there's a world of things you can do with the humble tea leaf.

Don't throw tea leaves away!

In Britain, the mark of a tight (cheap) person is someone that reuses their teabags. But when you're using high quality loose-leaf teas, you should reuse them! Most of the Chinese teas we sell can be rebrewed at least 3-4 times, and sometimes up to 6-7 times before they start losing their flavour.

Tea for compost

Tea leaves are great for composting - often people avoid composting tea because the tea-bags are not decomposible, but the raw tea leaves (like the ones we sell) are great for gardens! Just make sure you don't throw hot water on your plants!

Tea roots soak up bad smells

Now, it might be a little hard to get hold of, but tea roots are fantastic for soaking up smells like paint in a newly decorated house. If you can get hold of tea roots, just spread them around a room in small containers for a few days and let them do their work!

Take a bath in tea!

It sounds crazy, but you can actually bathe in Jasmine Tea! In Fuzhou, a popular weekend activity is bathing in the natural hot springs which surround the whole Min River area. Each hot springs will have many different pools, and quite often, a Jasmine Tea pool. I don't recommend using tea to replace soap, but at the least it will be the most fragrant bath you ever experienced!