About our teas

About the Fujian Province

Our teas come from the Fujian Province, one of the oldest tea growing and trading centres in China. Find out more about Fujian teas.

Where are Jasmine Pearls grown?

Learn more about Fuzhou, the capital of the Fujian Province and the home of Jasmine Pearls tea.

Where is the Big Red grown?

Find out more about Wuyi Mountain, the birthplace of da hong pao oolong tea.

Where is Old Iron Charcoal Oolong from?

Old Iron Charcoal Oolong is a roasted oolong tea from Anxi County in Fujian - find out more here.

Tea and the environment

Find out more about the impact of tea on the environment, and what you can do at home to improve the carbon footprint of your cuppa.

Are our teas organic?

A big question for many customers - are your teas organic? Find out all the information here.

Where is Lapsang Souchong grown?

Lapsang Souchong is a black tea from the mountain areas around Wuyi Shan in the Fujian Province - one of the most famous areas for red teas in China.