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Jin Jun Mei Red Tea 金骏眉

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A naturally sweet and fruity red tea, Jin Jun Mei (sometimes called Golden Eyebrow) is the perfect tea for the sweet-tooths out there.

Grown in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian, it has a hint of red dates and well rounded taste and naturally sweet edge. It's quickly become one of China's most popular teas in recent years, and with good reason.

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Jin Jun Mei is a fully oxidised black tea from the Wuyi Mountain area of Fujian. It's actually a relatively 'new' tea, having been created just a few years ago. However it's caught on fast and quickly become one of the most popular tea gifts given in China.

The tea is made using two small shoots from each stem of the tea plant. When we appreciate many other types of tea, we look for large and full leaves - however with Jin Jun Mei the smaller and thinner the dried tea leaves, the better. The taste of a good Jin Jun Mei should be clean and clear, with fruity overtones and the deep smokey undertone shared by all Wuyi teas. As with all black teas, it can be brewed with near boiling water and rebrewed 3-5 times.

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