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Lapsang Souchong Red Tea 正山小种


The world-famous pinewood-smoked red tea, Lapsang Souchong (zheng shan xiao zhong) is a 'love-it-or-hate-it' tea.

Produced in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian, we're sure you'll love it for it's laid-back smokey taste and soothing aroma that's just perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings. One of our customers calls it 'campfire tea' and the name is catching on...

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  • This tea was smokey, but in a much more mild way than most examples that I have tried. It was woodsy with notes of hazelnut and a lingering sweet aftertaste. I would definitely recommend this tea.
    Nicole Martin - - view original
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The farm and grower

Our Lapsang Souchong is made in the traditional home of this tea, Tong Mu Guan (桐木关) by one of our favourite tea farmers, Lao Fu. Lao Fu's family has been making exceptional red teas like Tan Yang Gong Fu (坦洋功夫) in the northern Fujian region for decades, and took this experience with them on their small estate in Tong Mu Guan. They use traditional growing and production methods, plucking the leaves young and smoking over pinewood fires.

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