Qi Men (Keemun) Red Tea 祁门红茶

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A startingly colourful tea with a delicious chocolate and banana aroma this tea is crafted in Qi Men, in an area of Huangshan more well known for its misty mountain peaks and delicate green teas.This cultivar is grown above 1000m altitude and each bud is picked at a young age, producing the unique ‘furry’ leaves and its exceptional taste. The gentle roasting process produces the distinct taste, and we assure you, the brew is every bit as intense as the aroma.

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The farm and location

The Qi Men Red we stock, also commonly called Keemun tea, is grown on the farm of Hu Guo Hui. Mr Hu was born and raised in Xi Di, a picturesque village a few miles from of Huangshan mountain, while his farm is located higher in the mountains, between 600m and 1000m altitude. We were impressed by his exceptional attention to detail and quality, which is borne out in the amazing tastes in this Qi Men red and another tea of his that we stock, Clouds and Mist.


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