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Red Jasmine Tea 茉莉红茶


Red Jasmine is a tea taste revolution - the deep, earthy tones of red tea combined with a sweet Jasmine fragrance.

Traditionally, only green tea leaves could hold the delicate Jasmine flower fragrance - until now. Red Jasmine Tea is made using a recently discovered method, and is one of the 'holy grails' of tea-tasting. We're proud to be the first UK company to sell this incredible tea, and it's our new favourite brew!

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Red Jasmine tea is the answer to an age old problem for Jasmine tea enthusiasts - how to produce a tea that blends a natural Jasmine scent with the deep tones of red teas? While green teas accept the Jasmine flavour quite easily, red teas have two problems - they either won't absorb the fragrance, or the fragrance doesn't last as the tea is re-brewed.

A new and fairly secretive technique has been developed that solves these problems, and the result is our Jasmine Red tea. Because the technique is new, and requires considerable skill, this is one of the most expensive teas we sell. It is grown and produced in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

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