Choosing a Chinese tea to suit you isn't difficult - and remember, it'll be the healthiest, tastiest choice you make this year!

You don't need to worry about learning names and histories of thousands of teas - there's a few simple ways to choose:

If you're looking for a tea for yourself, then think about what kind of taste you like - if you're after a healthier coffee replacement, we strongly recommend The Big Red. It's got a slightly stronger taste, and a little bit of a caffeine kick if you need that in the mornings.

If you're trying to make healthy changes to your life, perhaps you'd prefer Iron Buddha. It's a green tea, and retains more anti-oxidants than other red teas. It can help you maintain a healthy digestive system, and the Chinese believe it has benefits for your throat, lungs and stomach.

For special occasions, gifts, or perhaps just those lazy Sundays reading a book, we'd recommend Jasmine Pearls - it's got a soothing and distinct jasmine scent, and is low in caffeine and healthy. For guests, it's the perfect pre-dinner drink to whet your appetite.

Hopefully that helps - if not, just contact us and we'd be happy to help out.

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