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Chinese Tea Beginners Pack

https://www.minrivertea.com/media/cache/b0/d1/b0d1f01952d929079b7387ca2a04afac.jpg https://www.minrivertea.com/media/cache/0a/90/0a908f3018da5d897421e3585185b69c.jpg https://www.minrivertea.com/media/cache/88/fe/88feda95904c78403d8bf83cf6bb9d29.jpg https://www.minrivertea.com/media/cache/4f/03/4f036fb9341cfbf57203bab8c802336b.jpg https://www.minrivertea.com/media/cache/c5/d2/c5d263584b3740df4d758b73de267567.jpg

Three superb teas to start your journey into Chinese tea. This simple beginners pack contains three of our most popular Chinese teas: Iron Buddha, Jasmine Pearls, and The Big Red.

Each tea represents a unique flavour and variety of Chinese tea and as well as being a great gift, is the ideal way to explore your favourite tastes.

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  • Thanks for the starter pack, the jasmine tea is the best I've ever had!
    Ben Ford -

This sampler pack contains each of our three fantastic Chinese teas - Iron Buddha a classic and crisp green oolong; The Big Red a dark and smokey red oolong; and Jasmine Pearls. Each has a distinct taste, so this is perfect for finding out which suits you. Each is packaged in a high quality and durable presentation tin.

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