Chinese Tea Beginners Pack

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Three superb teas to start your journey into Chinese tea. This simple beginners pack contains three of our most popular Chinese teas: Iron Buddha, Jasmine Pearls, and The Big Red.

Each tea represents a unique flavour and variety of Chinese tea and as well as being a great gift, is the ideal way to explore your favourite tastes.

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More about this product

This sampler pack contains each of our three fantastic Chinese teas - Iron Buddha a classic and crisp green oolong; The Big Red a dark and smokey red oolong; and Jasmine Pearls. Each has a distinct taste, so this is perfect for finding out which suits you. Each is packaged in a high quality and durable presentation tin.

Tasting notes

All of these teas come from the same plant, despite how it may appear. As you try them, learn to taste not just the differences, but also the common theme running through them - that is the real taste of tea.