Buddha's Hand Oolong 佛手茶

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Buddha's Hand is a green oolong tea grown in the birthplace of White Crane kung fu. We've got limited stocks, so use your chi and order it quickly!

This tea has a superb rich, buttery taste, and also has the highest tannin content of any oolong tea. It's one reason why the locals believe it to be soothing to the digestive system.

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Tasting notes

This fo shou tea has quite a strong taste, and that's how the Yong Chun locals like it. You can either try to brew it light (10-20 seconds, 90 degree water) or just embrace the tannins and natural chlorophyll taste by brewing for 30-40 seconds with just off the boil water.

This tea was picked in April 2012 in Yong Chun, Fujian Province.