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Jasmine Pearls Scented Green Tea 茉莉花龙珠

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Stunningly fragrant Jasmine scented green tea, this tea is hand-made by rolling fresh green tea leaves together with natural jasmine flowers.

The sweet jasmine flavour infuses the tea leaves with a taste guaranteed to wow you and your guests. If you're giving tea as a gift, this is a sure-fire winner.

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  • Ordering was quick and easy, delivered in a few days. It's delicious hot and cold and has a lovely flavour, with a hint of jasmine, which definitely distinguishes it from usual green teas!
    Agnes Vinkler -
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Picking the flowers

Jasmine flowers love heat and humidity, and grow in the low, sub-tropical valleys in and around Fuzhou. In the hottest period of the year (July-October) the flowers open and release their scent in the late afternoons, normally the hottest period of the day. It's gruelling work for the pickers.

Manually sorting the best buds

The flowers are manually sorted, removing unopened buds and ones that have alreaedy started to wilt. For the fragrance to be transferred to the tea, the teamaker is looking for bugs which have just opened - as they are mixed with the tea, they will continue to open and release their flavour.

Infusing the flowers

Infusing the delicate Jasmine taste with the tea is a simple, but slow and painstaking process. Up to nine or ten times, fresh flowers are manually mixed with dried tea and left to transfer their flavour. Afterwards, the tea and flowers are sorted by hand, the flowers thrown away, and the tea dried again ready to be infused again the next day.

Where our tea is made

The best Jasmine flowers originate from the Fuzhou area, where a unique 'single-petal' strain of the plant exists. Our tea is processed at Lao Fu's farm in Ning De (宁德) just north of Fuzhou with flowers specially brought in from Fuzhou.

Lao Fu's farm

Lao Fu's farm was founded over 100 years ago, and is now one of the largest and most respected farms in the area. Master Fu's great-grandfather used to export red tea to the British before the Chinese Civil War, and now he keeps the tradition alive, producing a range of teas local to the area.


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