Jasmine Pearls Scented Green Tea 茉莉花龙珠

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Stunningly fragrant Jasmine scented green tea, this tea is hand-made by rolling fresh green tea leaves together with natural jasmine flowers.

The sweet jasmine flavour infuses the tea leaves with a taste guaranteed to wow you and your guests. If you're giving tea as a gift, this is a sure-fire winner.

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Jasmine tea takes almost 3 months to make - find out how Jasmine tea is made »

More about this product

Jasmine Pearls are grown and processed in Fuzhou, our home. The tea leaves are wrapped tightly into balls along with Jasmine flowers, slowly absorbing their scent. Jasmine tea is well known, ubiquitous in many Chinese restaurants, and many different grades exist. The two main factors affecting taste are the quality of the original green tea leaves, and how the scent is added.

Our Jasmine Pearls are high grade, using young tea leaves as the base, and only natural Jasmine flowers (ie. no oils are used to enhance the fragrance). The result is a delicate and natural fragrance bursting from each brew, and a soft, smooth tea liquid.

Tasting notes

There's a dominant floral Jasmine fragrance, but underneath there are hints of berries and grass, a fruit-edge which comes out with a gentler brew. Use 80 degree water for 1 minute for best results.
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  • “Ordering was quick and easy, delivered in a few days. It's delicious hot and cold and has a lovely flavour, with a hint of jasmine, which definitely distinguishes it from usual green teas!”
    Agnes Vinkler
  • “A friend of mine recommended I try some of the Jasmine tea, and now I'm hooked - its not too expensive, it arrived quickly and there's easy to follow brewing instructions on the site. Thanks Chris!”
    Simon Forrester
  • “I love it! I normally keep the same pot going all day, because you can rebrew the leaves and they don't lose their taste.”
    Marilyn Lord


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