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Old Iron Charcoal Roasted Tea 老铁

A charcoal-roasted dark Oolong tea, the affectionately named Old Iron (lao tie) falls halfway between a green and red Oolong.

The flavour carries the clarity and pure taste of a green Oolong, but with the more subtle deep roasted tones of a red. Think fine blended Irish whiskey and you'll be along the right lines. Often ignored even in China, this tea is still one of our favourite brews to date and a great everyday drink.

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  • It was incredibly aromatic ... woodsy and mildly smokey with a floral sweetness in the finish. I would definitely recommend this tea.
    Nicole Martin - - view original
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Key information

Produced GanDe (感德), Anxi County, Fujian.
Farmer Su Wei Bo (read more)
Harvested 15 October 2013, roaster December 2013 (bi-annual harvest, May/Oct)
Altitude Grown at over 900m
Storage Store sealed, cool, dry and away from strong smells, ideally refridgerated. Stays fresh for 6-12 months.

Picking and processing

Old Iron starts life as a normal Iron Buddha tea, which is picked in the first week of May, usually at the same time as the Labour Day holidays. Pickers start before the sun comes up, and the leaves are immediately spread out in bamboo baskets to oxidise for up to 18 hours. Oxidisation is the key to the distinct oolong taste, and the length of oxidisation is what gives Iron Buddha its complex and heady aroma. After it is processed normally, the tea is gently roasted over charcoals for 3-4 hours to become an 'Old' Iron Buddha tea.

Bruising and shaping

After oxidisation, Iron Buddha is shaped and processed in a highly unique way. It's wrapped tightly in cotton cloth until each 'tea ball' is as hard as a brick. Then it is rolled through a set of metal rollers to give the leaves their unique shape, and then opened out and 'bruised' by literally smashing it against the floor!


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