Old Iron Charcoal Roasted Tea 老铁

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A charcoal-roasted dark Oolong tea, the affectionately named Old Iron (lao tie) falls halfway between a green and red Oolong.

The flavour carries the clarity and pure taste of a green Oolong, but with the more subtle deep roasted tones of a red. Often ignored even in China, nevertheless this tea is one of our favourite brews to date and a great everyday drink.


100g loose - @50 cups

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Our experts say

You can treat this just like the Iron Buddha - 7g of tea for each cup (that's around three big pinches) and brew it with roughly 90 degree Celsius water. The taste will really come out after the 2nd or 3rd brew, so be patient!

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More information

Old Iron Roasted Oolong is a semi-roasted green oolong tea from Anxi County in Fujian Province. It sits between green and red oolongs, with the deep, rich flavours of a red tea, but the clarity and smooth taste of a tie guan yin.

The name is an affectionate way of describing the history of the tea. Typically, when green oolongs like Iron Buddha reach the end of their shelf-life, they can be roasted again. This extends their life, and in the process adds a new layer of taste which many tea drinkers actually found more appealing. Our tea, like most other roasted oolongs today, is not an old tea, but simply an Iron Buddha which has been roasted slightly longer than normal.

Old Iron is best steeped with 80-90 degrees water for around 1 minute. Many green teas are quite sensitive to boiling water, but this tea is slightly more resilient. The taste is clear, without the buttery overtones of a green oolong, yet carrying the woody taste common in red or black teas.

Product details

Type A semi roasted green oolong scented tea (a.k.a. lao tie, roasted oolong, roasted tie guan yin)
Weight 100g - roughly enough for 50 cups of tea
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Delivery 1-3 days, delivered from the UK.
Region This tea is from Anxi County, Fujian Province, China
Colour A yellow/green crystal brew
Brewing tips Use boiling water, and steep for roughly 1 minute
Packaging Freeze dried bag, and supplied with resealable pouch
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Storage Keep cool and dry. Best refridgerated. Shelf-life approximately 6-12 months.