Types of Chinese tea

There are hundreds of varieties of Chinese tea, but it's easy to understand the main groups.

Chinese white teas

White teas

White teas are rare, and have a beautiful light coloured leaf.

Oolong teas

Oolong tea

Oolong teas are semi-oxidised, and can be green or red teas.

Red teas

Red teas

Red teas are fully-oxidised teas often with a beautiful rich brew.

Green teas

Green teas

Fresh and lightly processed green teas are the real epitome of Chinese teas.

How to choose your tea

If you're not sure how to choose the right tea for you, the best advice is... don't worry! We work hard to select teas that can be appreciated by anyone, whether you're a hardened coffee drinker looking for a healthier alternative, or just a casual tea drinker looking for something new.

Red teas like The Big Red tend to have a stronger flavour, and are great enjoyed at work or in the mornings. The caffeine content isn't high, and you can enjoy a stronger taste of tea as you go about your day.

Green teas like our Iron Buddha or Jasmine Pearls often have a cleaner and purer taste. They're best enjoyed in moments of calm, before or after a meal, or when you're just sitting back and taking it easy.

None of our teas are difficult to brew - if you're not sure about how to brew tea, just check out our simple guides to brewing tea here.