Our packaging

Our teas are packaged simply and efficiently - your money goes into better quality tea, not fancier boxes!

Preserving your tea

Your tea is delivered to you sealed in a thick and durable plastic bag. Compressed teas like Iron Buddha and Old Iron are freeze-dried, and more brittle teas such as The Big Red are not (freeze-drying would crush the delicate leaves).

Protecting it in transport

We ship your tea in a lightweight but strong cardboard box (which is of course recyclable) and cushion it is a layer of packing paper or foam. This prevents your tea being crushed or damaged, especially important for brittle black and red teas.

Our duty to the environment

We take our duty to the environment seriously, and we're sure you'll enjoy a guilt-free brew much more. Our packaging is designed to reduce waste, with no excess plastic, paper or cardboard used. It also means that you're also spending more on tea, rather than poor quality tea with expensive boxes!