Weights and sizes

Knowing how much tea to put in the pot can get confusing - here's a quick-start guide.

4 grams per-person - one big pinch

The simplest and easiest measure is 4 grams of tea per-person - that's about 1 big pinch of your tea for each person. This works well if you're brewing tea the traditional European/American way (ie. in a big teapot or using a tea-infuser in the mug).

The traditional Chinese way

If you're brewing up your tea the traditional Chinese way using a gai wan then we recommend you put a bit more tea in - around 7 grams, or two big pinches. The traditional tea ceremony uses more tea, but you brew it for less time (for a stronger but cleaner flavour).

A bag of our tea

Our teas are sold in 100g bags. To help customers understand the weights and measures, we often say that each bag is equal to 50 cups of tea. We work this out by assuming that you'll rebrew the tea leaves at least 2 times (like you're supposed to!), and you'll put around 4 grams in each cup.

Practice makes perfect

The above measures are good for every day use, but of course, every tea is different. If you're looking for 'the perfect' cup of tea, then we advise you to use trial and error with your weights. Try a little bit more or less, and see how it affects the taste.