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Silver Needle White Tea 银针白茶

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Made from only tender young tea-shoots, Silver Needle (yin zhen) tea has a fresh taste as close as you'll get to plucking the tea-leaves yourself.

The taste is lighter and more vegetal than other green teas, and because of the strict use of only young shoots and careful wilting under the sun, demand is always high.

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  • My dear soft Silver Needle tea, You are a delicacy to the taste buds. I love warming up my heart and my mind by listening to your fragrance. You remind me of the peace there is in silence. Gracefully surrendering to the simmering water, you let all your nuances be released and offer us the softest savour of tea realms...
    Angélique Berhault

Silver Needle (yin zhen) is a renowned white tea grown in Ning De in the north of the Fujian Province. It's lightly oxidised, and undergoes very little processing compared to other green or red teas. Only the youngest tea-shoots are used to make the tea, hence why this tea is so highly valued.

The taste is very light and summery, with very little edge or bitterness. Freshly picked tea leaves actually carry very little taste or fragrance, but the short and simple processing applied to Silver Needle leaves brings out a delicate floral taste and subtle hint of chlorophyll which many aficionados regard as the 'purest' tea taste.

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